UW-Platteville Pioneer Showdown
Sheep Show
Pioneer Showdown Hog, Lamb & Goat Show
Double Lamb Jackpot!
May 21st, 2017
Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, WI
Click Here for Entry Information Directions to
Grant County Fairgrounds


Lamb Rules:
Casey Lobdell: 608.482.4525
Paige Wollin: 920.988.7559
Email: pioneershowdown@gmail.com

2017 Schedule
Sunday May 21st
7:00 am Meat Goats & Lambs Begin Arriving
7:00 am - 8:30 am All Goats & Lambs Weigh-in
9:00 am Goat Show Followed by Lamb Show
8:00 am Hogs may start to arrive
8:30 am - 10:00 am Hogs arrive and weigh-in
11:00 am Hog Show Begins
Noon 2nd Lamb Show Begins
Interested in becoming a Pioneer Showdown Sponsor?
Opportunities are available to sponsor a class, breed, or specific area of the show.
Pioneer Showdown
Attn. Alicia Prill-Adams
322 Pioneer Tower 1
University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818


Show 1 Judge: Jeremy Geske
Show 2 Judge: Eric Brunton
Results - pdf version  
Winners Winners
Grand Champion Lamb Show 1
Champion Hamp Show 1
Reserve Hamp Show 2

Kassandra Palzkill
Grand Champion Lamb Show 2
Reserve Grand Champion Lamb Show 1
Champion Crossbred Show 1 & 2

Sara Johnson



Winners Winners
Third Overall Show 1
Fifth Overall Show 2
Champion Suffolk Show 1 & 2

Jaycee Johnson
Fourth Overall Show 1
Champion AOB Show 1
Reserve AOB Show 2

Brannt Balfanz



Winners Winners
Fifth Overall Show 1
Fourth Overall Show 2
Reserve Crossbred Show 1 & 2

Kassandra Palzkill
Reserve AOB Show 1
Ainsley Balfanz



Winners Winners
Champion Natural Colored Show 1 & 2
Jaycee Johnson
Champion AOB Show 2
Haley Waugh



Winners Winners
Champion Commercial Ewe Show 2
Kassandra Palzkill
Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe Show 1 & 2
Payton VanSchyndle


UW-Platteville Pioneer Showdown

Alicia Prill-Adams, Advisor
322 Pioneer Tower - Platteville, WI 53818 (608) 342-1119
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